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Let Buy Casters quote your next project or casters you currently purchase, you may save a lot of money. We give larger discounts on high volume orders and consistent re-orders. Whether it is casters for your carts, pneumatic wheels for your hand trucks or light duty casters for displays and furniture. It is worth the time to get a quote. Most quotes are done same day, unless custom or specially engineered.
There are several styles of casters and wheels.
The main types of casters are Swivel and Rigid with a "Stem" or "Top Plate".
After determining your caster type fill out the applicable information to the best of your ability and we will help you find the right product...
If you need help in this process please don't hesitate to contact us. You can also refer to our "Measuring a Caster" or Terminology page for assistance.

Caster Style: Swivel Rigid Quantity of Each:

Top Plate Siz
e: Bolt Hole Spacing:

Stem Diameter: Stem Length:

Threads per Inch
(if applicable): Overall Height (including wheel):

Is Shock Absorption Required? Yes No Wheel Type:

Wheel Diameter: Tread Width:
Hub Length:

Options (Brakes, Locks, Bearings, Seals):

Flooring & Condition (ie: Hardwood, Tile, Rough Concrete, Coated, Cracks):

Total Maximum Weight Capacity
(including cart):

Ergonomic Considerations

Environmental Factors (oil, dust, chemicals):

Operating Temperature (Range & Duration) :

Shock Loads: Yes No Side Thrusts: Yes No

Part Number or Brand (if available): Current Supplier:

Additional Specifications or Comments:

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