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Stem Mounted Stainless Steel Light Duty Casters
Load capacities up to 450lbs per caster

Light Duty casters can handle some pretty heavy loads. These stem casters for your dollies, carts and equipment can handle up to 450lbs each depending on the size and type of caster wheel. If you’re working in a harsh or outdoor environment or have to wash down and clean your carts and equipment often , stainless steel casters are a great, quality investment for your business moving needs. These stainless steel casters are made to withstand environments that would normally cause rust or corrosion on standard steel casters. We carry metal casters made from high quality 304 stainless steel.

Stainless steel casters are popular in a variety of situations from laboratories that use harsh cleaning materials like animal cages stored outdoors. They’re an especially popular industrial caster and are beneficial for use in pharmaceutical plants, processing facilities and more. With productivity being so important, every mover and business must be certain that they are using top quality stainless steel casters that will never rust or break down on the job.

These stainless steel casters come with an assortment of stems and fasteners, offering the the most common sizes. We also have stainless steel casters with a variety of wheel, bearing, brakes and other options.

Our line of stainless steel casters is fairly extensive. Bulk quantity discounts are available. For large volume, recurring or blanket orders, please call us at 1855-WHEEL11 (855-943-3511).

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