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Footmaster Leveling Casters
Plate Mounted Casters
Light & Medium Duty Casters (up to 500lbs ea.)
  > w/ Rubber Wheels
  > w/ Polyurethane Wheels
  > w/ Nylon Wheels
  > w/ Phenolic Wheels
  > w/ Polyolefin Wheels
Heavy Duty Casters (up to 1,250lbs ea.)
  > w/ Phenolic Wheels
  > w/ Polyolefin Wheels
  > w/ Polyurethane Wheels
  > w/ Metal Wheels
  > w/ Rubber Wheels
  > w/ Nylon Wheels
Xtra Heavy Duty Casters (up to 6,000lbs ea.)
  > w/ Phenolic Wheels
  > w/ Polyurethane Tread Wheels
  > w/ Cast Iron (Semi-Steel) Wheels
  > w/ Ductile or Drop Forged Wheels
  > w/ Dual Wheels
Super Duty Caster (up to 40,000lbs each)
Hamilton Casters
Medical Industry Casters & Wheels
Shopping Cart Casters & Wheels
Stem Mounted Casters
Grip Ring Stem Casters
Threaded Stem Casters
Expandable Adapter Stem Casters
JOBOX Casters
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Metro ® Wire Shelving Casters
Total Lock Casters
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Phenolic Wheels
  > Cast Iron / Semi Steel
  > Drop Forged Steel
  > Ductile Steel
  > Solid Stainless Steel
  > Polyurethane On Polyolefin
  > Polyurethane On Cast Iron
  > Polyurethane On Aluminum
  > Solid Polyurethane
  > Polyurethane On Nylon
  > Rubber On Cast Iron
  > Rubber On Polyolefin
  > Rubber On Aluminum
  > Non Marking Rubber
  > Rubber On Nylon
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Stainless Light Duty Plate Mount (up to 450lbs each)
Stainless Light Duty Stem Mount (up to 450lbs each)
Stainless Medium Duty Plate Mount (400-1250lbs each)
Stainless Medium Duty Stem Mount (400-1250lbs each)
Heavy Duty
Stem Casters
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