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Display, Chair & Furniture Casters with Urethane & Rubber Wheels
Do you chair casters and wheels leave scratches on your hard wood floors or do they slide instead of rolling on tile flooring? You are not alone most chairs and furniture and displays come standard with cheaply made casters and wheels to keep costs down. Buy Casters'
has a high quality replacement caster wheel for you. These casters have a Polyurethane tread on the wheels and will stop your chair from sliding around and scratching your floors, they will also cut down on the noise that traditional nylon wheels make. Several of these options offer die cast metal hoods and component, for a more durable caster and longer life expectancy. We also offer heavier duty casters like the chair and equipment series. All of our swivel furniture caster wheels are non marking and can handle a minimum of 75 lbs each. There are also locking casters available fitted with brakes that stop the wheels from moving. We also offer the OE replacements to match the wheels currently on your display or furniture and casters with nylon wheels for carpeting and linoleum floors in the "all other flooring" section of our website. There are several types of stems and mounting plates for these castors, if you are having trouble finding which mounting style is right for you, check here for measuring tips or contact us.
For large quantity orders or other options that are not listed on the website please call and a experienced caster specialist will be happy to help you.
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