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Many companies tout their products and services as “the best”. But at Hamilton feel our customer evaluations are more meaningful. Two market perception studies sponsored by New Equipment Digest and Industrial Equipment News measured the markets perceptual understanding of the following factors: Quality, reliability, technical knowledge and support.

Hamilton Caster has a lot of confidence in the quality and endurance of its casters and wheels. We're so confident that we are proud to offer an industry-leading three year product warranty on most forged steel casters and industrial wheels. This guarantees the original purchaser of select Hamilton products a three year limited warranty from the date of original invoice against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship under normal use.

This three-year warranty covers all Hamilton casters in the following series with Forged Steel, Metal, Duralast®, Duralast® XC, Poly-Soft®, Superlast® XC, Ultralast™, and Super Ultralast™ wheels equipped with either precision ball bearings or precision tapered bearings: MD, MDD, EPSD, SEC, EHD, CH, HS2, EHD2, ES, FM, EHS, HS, WH, EC.

There’s no substitute for experience -- ours, or yours". Thus reads a Hamilton advertising slogan expressing how experience benefits the customer. Hamilton’s fourth-generation family owned and managed enterprise is well balanced to leverage its long history of designing and manufacturing casters, wheels, and floor trucks. Today’s customers benefit in very real ways from the improvements in design such as new swivel technology with HPI™, discovering new polyurethane materials found in the new Ultralast™, and implementing processes such as Lean Manufacturing to optimize the velocity of our customers’ value stream. Today’s generation of Hamilton leaders are committed to staying focused, nimble, and current as we pursue our next 100 years.

At Hamilton environmental protection is a priority for the conservation of precious natural resources and the continued health of our planet. Hamilton Caster recognizes its responsibility as a U.S. based manufacturer and is continually striving to reduce the environmental impact of the work we do and the products we create.